Urban Skeleton Forum

Urban Skeleton: Recovery and Efficiency of Forgotten Spaces
Monday September the 17th, 4 PM, Palazzo Rossini

In times of global changes, the sustainable use of buildings during the entire life cycle is an urgent need. This means that ancient buildings have to be recovered and urban spaces revitalized in order to minimize the environmental impact of the land use. A new vision is needed, a vision that should put together social, environmental and economical issues to assure a sustainable way of life in the future city. 

The meeting focuses on the didactic and professional experiences on refurbishment and revitalization of urban spaces. Academics from Italy and Chile will present results of workshops and courses realized in the last years. 

Massimo Palme - Universidad Católica del Norte 
Paula Kapstein - Universidad Católica del Norte 
Carola Clemente - Università “La Sapienza” di Roma
Massimo Rossetti - IUAV
Marco Moro - Università di Cagliari
Armando Dal Fabbro - IUAV