Since 2010 this prize is awarded by the European Cultural Centre and named the ECC Award. The ECC will give this Award each year to an artist, architect, designer who is dedicated to his or her concept over a longer period of time and whereby this concept and the execution thereof is in our opinion of significant meaning. The ECC has also established an Award for Institutions which do their utmost best to promote the research and work acheived by their students.

The ECC Award has been previously given to: 

2023         ECC-ITA Architecture Award: Snøhetta (NOR)
2023         ECC-ITA Design Award: Light Cognitive (FIN)
2023         ECC-ITA University Project Award: Princeton University & SOM (USA)
2023         ECC-Italy Art Installation Award: Adam Rouse (USA)
2022         ECC-ITA Painting and Mixed Media Award: Galerie Myrtis (USA)
2022         ECC-ITA Sculpture and Installation Award: Jacques Jarrige (FRA)
2022         ECC-ITA Photography Award: Alissa Everett (KEN)
2022         ECC-ITA Video and Digital Art Award: Helen Kirwan (CYP)
2022         ECC-ITA Lifetime Achievement Award: Lawrence Weiner (USA)
2022         ECC-ITA University and Research Project Award: University of New Mexico together with Davidson College (USA)
2021         ECC-USA Architecture Award: Curtis Fentress (USA)
2021         ECC Design Innovation Award: Block Research Group (BRG) at ETH Zurich and Zaha Hadid Architects (CHE/UK)
2021         ECC Architecture Award: NANO Architecture | Interiors for Submerged Experience (USA)
2021         ECC University Project Award: Technical University of Darmstadt for "Building with paper" (DEU)
2021         ECC Art Installation Award: David Jacobson (UK)
2020         ECC-RUSSIA Architecture Award: Peter Kulka (DEU)
2019         ECC Art Award: Hermann Nitsch (AUT)
2019         ECC Art School Award: Willem de Kooning Academy (NL)
2019         ECC Design Award: Barrisol lamp mod. 1954 by Piero Castiglioni (ITA/FRA)
2018         ECC Architecture Award: Odile Decq (FRA)         
2018         ECC Architecture Education Award: North Carolina State University College of Design (USA)         
2018         ECC Design Award: Ying Gao (CAN)          
2017         ECC Art Award: Joseph Kosuth (USA) for his life long dedication to create Meaning with contemporary art.        
2017         ECC Design Award: Oki Sato, Studio Nendo (JPN) for his contribution to the world of Design.         
2016         ECC Architecture Award: Denise Scott Brown (USA) for her life-long dedication to architecture  
2016         ECC Design Award: Karim Rashid (Canada/USA) for his personal contribution to the world of Design         
2015         ECC Art Award: " Yoko Ono (Japan) for her continuing efforts to promote "Imagine Peace"          
2014         ECC Architecture Award: "The University of Houston, (USA): Gerald D. Hines College Of Architecture         
2013         ECC Art Award: Arnulf Rainer (Austria) for his work series "Rainer - Klimt - Schiele"         
2012         ECC Architecture Award: Arata Isozaki (Japan) for his Zhengdong New District Project
2011         ECC Art Award: Roman Opalka (France-Poland) for his life long depiction of "Time Passing"
2010         ECC Art Award: Sasaki (Japan) for his more than 15 years ongoing Heartbeat Project.   


Shortlisted for the ECC Award have been:

2023 ECC-ITA Architecture Award: Norman Foster Foundation (GBR) with Holcim (CHE); Gal Nauer Architects (ISR)
2023 ECC-ITA Design Award: Ian Callender (USA); Soledad Lowe Studio (ARG/SWE); BioMat (GER)
2023 ECC-ITA University Project Award: MIT Civic Data Design Lab (USA)
2023 ECC-Italy Art Installation Award: Pedro Friedeberg (ITA); Kara Lyons (GBR); Duyi Han (CHI)
2022 ECC-ITA Painting and Mixed Media Award: Donald Martiny (USA) represented by Madison Gallery and Ariela Wertheimer (ISR)
2022 ECC-ITA Sculpture and Installation Award: Albert Scopin (GER/USA) and Chandraguptha Thenuwara (LKA)
2022 ECC-ITA Photography Award: Sandra Cattaneo Adorno (USA) and Elizabeth Heyert (USA)
2022 ECC-ITA Video and Digital Art Award: Carrie Able (USA) and Superchief Gallery (USA)
2022 ECC-ITA University and Research Project Award: Reed College (USA) and the University of Applied Arts Vienna (AUT)
2021 ECC-USA Architecture Award: Paolino di Vece (MEX) and Johannes Baar-Baarenfels (AUT)
2021 ECC Design Innovation Award: bioDigital matter lab at Lund University (SWE) and LOVE architecture and urbanism (AUT)
2021 ECC Architecture Award: Henriquez Partners Architects (CA), Lucila Aguilar Arquitectos (MEX) and Mahl Gebhard Konzepte(GER)
2021 ECC University Project Award: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú & University College London (PER/UK), and Watershed Urbanism curated by Adrian Parr, Dean of Design at the University of Oregon and UNESCO Water Chair, in collaboration with University of Texas at Arlington (USA)
2021 ECC Art Installation Award: Sofia Verzbolovskis (PAN) and Karen McCoy (USA)
2020 ECC-Russia Architecture Award: Johannes Baar-Baarenfels (AUT) and Ulrich Gehmann (DEU)
ECC Art Award: Nobuyoshi Araki (JAP),  Valie Export (AUT), Lawrence Weiner (USA), Hermann Nitsch (AUT), Federico Uribe (COL), Lincoln Townley (USA)
2019   ECC Art School Award Deakin University (AU) - Salford University (UK) - Carnegie Mellon University (USA) - WdKA (NL)
ECC Design Award: Royal College of Arts, Design Products (GBR), Faina Collection (UKR), Suzanne Tick (USA), Dá Design Studio (NGA)
ECC Architecture Award: Peter Eisenman (USA), Odile Decq (FRA), Daniel Libeskind (POL/USA), Curt Fentress (USA), Moshe Safdie (CAN), Kengo Kuma (JPN), NikkeSekkei (JPN)

ECC Architecture Education Award: North Carolina State University College of Design (USA), University of Cincinnati (USA), SoA Syracuse University (USA), University of Arkansas - Fay Jones School of A&D (USA), University of NSW with Government Architect NSW, Tongji University (CHN), ENSA Strasbourg (FRA)
2018 ECC Design Award: Atelier Maximun (FRA), Naqsh Collective (JOR), Ying Gao (CAN), About A Worker (FRA), Coalesce Studio (PAK)
ECC Art Award: Nobuyoshi Araki (JPN), Daniel Buren (FRA), Marina Abramovic (SRB), Joseph Kosuth (USA), Hermann Nitsch (AUT), Mike Parr (AUS), Lawrence Weiner (USA)
ECC Design Award: Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang (CHN), Anton Hendrik Denys (BEL), Estúdio Ronald Sasson (BRA), Alessandro Ciffo (ITA)
ECC Architecture Award: Auckland University of Technology & University of Sydney (NZL-AUS), Peter Eisenman (USA), Denise Scott Brown (USA), ETH Zurich (CHE), GMP (GER), Curt Fentress (USA), Ideal Spaces Group (DEU-SWE)
ECC Design Award: Eckhard Beger (CHE), Paul Kelley (GBR), Satyendra Pakhale (IND), Karim Rashid (CAN-USA), Robert Wettstein (CHE)
ECC Art Award: Joseph Kosuth (USA), Francois Morellet (FRA), Lee Nam Lee (KOR), Yoko Ono (JPN), Gunther Uecker (DEU), herman de vries (NLD)
ECC Architecture Award: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (GBR), Ricardo Bofill (ESP), Norman Foster+Partners (GBR), The University of Houston, (USA), White arkitekter (SWE)

Besides our own awards, we host exhibitions and presentations related to other awards, such as the Young Talent Architecture Award (YTAA) from the Mies van der Rohe Foundation.