International European Women Conference

On invitation by the European Cultural Centre, 15 women from various European countries and cultures will be from 19 to 29 October 2015 in Venice to discuss various topics, to exchanges ideas about future projects by the European Cultural Centre. Out of this conference, we hope to gain several conclusions which will help us to make decisions in which direction the ECC should develop its program. Join us for an outstanding ten-day event which main topics to be discussed during the Conference are mainly focused on helping women to succeed and achieve - the conference is chock-full of talks, presentations and informative workshops.

Throughout the day, there will also be unique opportunities to network and connect with our amazing women as well as representatives from International corporations. So if you’re interested in growing your women-owned organisation in cooperation with a network of several other corporations and create a better relationship with the European Cultural Centre at the same time, this conference is not to be missed.