VENUE Palazzo Michiel, Venice, Italy
HOST European Cultural Centre
CURATORS Camille Guibaud and Anaïs Hammoud
OPENING PERIOD 26 May - 25 November 2018

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Pioneer event VENICE DESIGN is the largest International Design exhibition running alongside La Biennale di Venezia. From May 26th to November 25th 2018, the third consecutive edition of VENICE DESIGN will again be hosted by the European Cultural Centre. In the historical location of Palazzo Michiel, facing the Grand Canal, international Designers invade the venue to express themselves and to propose a singular reflexion on materialising, shaping and transforming our daily environment. Design will show its ongoing connection between body, object and space challenging the visitors to interact with pieces and immersive installations.

Around 50 international creators from 30 different countries and of various cultural backgrounds are invited to present their processes and visions towards Design. Constellations of creators will shine a light on the meaning of conceiving and producing our forthcoming living spheres through conscious designs, innovative objects and experiential installations. Through their social and ethical processes, some invited Designers are raising a collective awareness leading to significant statements. While a few reflect upon innovative approaches towards shaping and re-thinking materiality, others will offer physical experiences. Palazzo Michiel becomes a vibrating space where interdisciplinary Design inspires and stimulates curiosity. The body as a structural architecture and a performative element at the core of those initiatives will reconnect with its interactivity. As an international platform, VENICE DESIGN will travel to Mexico City, thanks to its first collaboration with Archivo, Architecture & Design Museum for the occasion of World Design Capital 2018. In addition, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Coalesce x Antidote participating as the first National Pavillon of Pakistan.Invariably connected to its local roots, VENICE DESIGN thanks to its city map will allow its visitors to wander around the city to discover 40 independent craftsmen living and working in Venice.

Here you can take a virtual tour of the 2018 Venice Design Exhibition.

The participating artists in VENICE DESIGN 2018;
Beijing Fenghemuchen (CHN), Linda Björg Árnadóttir (ISL), Barbara Barran (USA), Matti Söderkultalahti (FIN), Jonathan Browning (USA), Rachel Fitzpatrick (IRL), Nmbello Studio (NGA), Wael Farran (LBN), Scandinaviaform (SWD), ll’atelier (NLD), Joseph Clement - DesignLand (CAN), Ingrid Sol Leccia (CHE/FRA), Max Kasymov (RUS), OVAVO (CHE), Pharus Design (BRA), Naqsh Collective (UAE/ JOR), Duncan Meerding (AUS), Ziad Qweider (JOR), Olga Podolskaya (RUS), Mathilde Pellé (FRA), Brendon Farrell (USA), FUGA by Yana Osmanova (RUS), Cédric Breisacher (FRA), Michel DuVernet (CAN), Lavinia Hausner (AUT), Sparkpluck (SGP), John W. Anderson (USA), ODINGENIY (RUS), Arturo Rojas Cardona (MEX), Amarist Studio (ESP), KLD Design (FRA), Masayo Ave (JPN/DEU), Patricia Olynyk (USA), Basel Naouri (JOR), MAXIMUM (FRA), Metropolitan University of Budapest (HUN), Kinetura (BEL), Mais al Azab (JOR), Coalesce Design Studio (PAK), Guillermina Lynch (ARG), About A Worker (FRA), Ying Gao (CAN), Davide Frattini Frilli (ITA), Jassim AlNashmi (KWT), TU Delft (NLD), Yiyan Zhou (CHN/FRA), Elena Bavlakova (RUS), Campos Studio (CAN), Sophia Taillet (FRA), Sheng-Hung Lee (CHN), Monika B┼éaszkowska (POL), Isabelle Stanislas (FRA), Fabrizio Alborno (ITA), Donald Baugh (GBR).