2017 ART

LOCATION Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora and Giardini Marinaressa, Venice, Italy
Valeria Romagnini, Lucia Pedrana, Sara Danieli, Alesia Varnaeva, Bianca Bonaldi, Elena Volpato, Alessandra Valle, Anaïs Hammoud
OPENING PERIOD 13 May - 26 November 2017

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In the context of the Biennale Arte 2017, the GAA Foundation presents the exhibition "PERSONAL STRUCTURES – open borders". The exhibition is hosted and supported by the European Cultural Centre in two of its prestigious Palazzo's in the centre of Venice -Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Mora- and the Giardini Marinaressa.

The exhibition shows an extensive combination of internationally established artists and artists whose works are less well-known. A cross-section of what can be seen as contemporary art today. The selected artists come from many different parts of the world, different cultures resulting in very different artworks. Visually, the artworks may appear very different, but all artists present their own subjective, personal expression of their reflection on the concepts Time, Space and Existence.

The exhibition mainly presents recent artworks by living artists, either site-specific, specially made for this exhibition, or taken from the existing collection of the artist. Some rooms in the palazzos are dedicated to the presentation of a single artist, while other rooms will present a combination of projects and works. Strong statements give each of the rooms a very specific character. The exhibition features a broad variety of artistic media; video, sculptures, paintings, drawings, photos and installations. Since the more than 200 participating artists originate from very diverse cultures representing over 40 countries and are also of very different age, the topics Time - Space - Existence are highlighted from unusual, very personal points of view.

The GAA Foundation’s exhibition "PERSONAL STRUCTURES – open borders" shows the commonness and differences between Europeans in dialogue with works of non-Europeans. In addition, the exhibition stimulates a more conscious relationship from the spectator towards his daily surrounding aiming to increase the awareness of their own personal Existence as human beings influenced by a specific Culture within Time and Space.


Marc Abele (DEU)Marina Abramovic (SRB)Masoud Akhavan (IRN)Susanna Andreini (AUT)Leonor Anthony (CUB), Nobuyoshi Araki (JPN), Morela Avilan (VEN)Sandra Baia (PRT)Josef Baier (AUT)Lluís Barba Cantos (ESP)Bruce Barber (NZL/CAN)Magaly Barnola-Otaola (VEN)Petra Barth (DEU/USA)Christine Bauer (AUT)Heinz Baumann (CHE)John J. Bedoya (COL)Isabelle Belloi (BEL)Francesca Beltran (MEX/USA)Hans-Christian Berg (FIN)Claudia Biehne (DEU), Valentina Bilbao (VEN), Antonio Bilotta (USA)Viel Bjerkeset Andersen (NOR)Heinrich Bobst (DEU)Mauro Bonaventura (ITA)Rosario Bond (DOM/USA)Annette Bonnier (USA)Carla A. Bordini Bellandi (ITA)Suly Bornstein-Wolff (ISR/BRA)Rodolphe Bouquillard (FRA)Riccardo Budini (ITA)Vita Buivid (UKR), Daniel Buren (FRA), Tatjana Busch (DEU)Eliezer John Cabangon (PHL)Adriana Carambia (ARG)Isabela Lleó Castells (ESP)Monika Casutt (CHE)Teo Chai Guan (SGP)Yeo Chee Kiong (SGP/GBR)Ping Chen (CHN)Chu Chi Kan (TWN)Sarah Choo Jing (SGP/GBR)Irene Christensen (NOR)Paul Critchley (GBT)Anne Curry (GBR)Markus Daum (DEU), Denis De Francesco (FRA/CZE), Anja de Jong (NLD)herman de vries (NLD)Giò di Busca (ITA)Sophie Dickens (GBR)Christine Dixie (ZAF)John DOE (USA)Silvia Dogliani (ITA)Dolk (NOR)Nina Dotti (VEN)Mark Dotzler (USA)Jan Douma (NLD)Tulip Duong (VMN)Mark Dziewulski (GBR)Herbert Egger (AUT)Hakan Esmer (TUR)Stefan Faas (DEU)Wael Farran (LBN)Johann Feilacher (AUT)Carole A. Feuerman (USA)Lena Flodman (SWE)Daniela Flörsheim (DEU)Lisa Folino (USA)Juan Ford (AUS)Giacomo Fortunato (USA)Anna Frants (RUS)Anna Friemoth (USA), Ismael Frigerio (CHL)Jessica Fulford-Dobson (GBR)Jane Fulton Alt (USA)Andras Gal (HUN)Jonas Gasiūnas (LTU)Marieke Geerlings (NLD)Beatriz Gerenstein (USA)Valerie Ghoussaini (FRA)Patricija Gilytė (LTU)Sarah Gold (NLD)ONA (ARG)Luis Gonzalez Palma (GTM)Julius Göthlin (SWE)Torkil Gudnason (USA)Kimberley Gundle (ZAF)Laina Hadengue (FRA)Anuar Haffendi (MYS)Paul Handley (NZL)Tibor Hargitai (HUN/CAN)Maureen Harrison (GBR)Xenia Hausner (AUT)Samuel Havadtoy (HUN)Graham Hay (AUS)Lihuai He (CHN)Sibyl Heijnen (NLD), Jiang Heng (CHN), Per Hess (NOR)Margit Hideg (CAN)Camomile Hixon (USA)Do Hoang Tuong (VNM)Roland Höft (DEU)Richard Humann (USA)Ismet Jonuzi (UNK)Bernhard Jordi (CHE)Hongjung Jung Park (USA)Ryohei Kamaga (JPN)Caroline Kampfraath (NLD)Philipp Käppeli (CHE)Johannes Karman (NLD)Dirk Karsten (NLD)Algis Kasparavičius (LTU)Jerzy Kędziora (POL)Paul Kelly (IRL)Simon Kennedy (GBR)Anton Kerscher (DEU)Reza Khatir (CHE/IRN)Helen Kirwan (GBR)Ellen Klijzing (NLD)Frigyes Konig (HUN)Anita Kontrec (DEU)Jeff Koons (USA)Joseph Kosuth (USA)Rostyslav Koterlin (UKR)Renate Krammer (AUT)Guillaume Krick (CAN), Olga Krokhicheva (RUS), Jelena Krsic (SRB)Beat Kuert (CHE)Gerard Kuijpers (BEL)Burkut Kum (TUR)Hyun-Jin Kwak (SWE)Peter Lajtai (HUN)Ivan Lardschneider (ITA)Morten Lassen (DNK)Philippe Leblanc (BEL)Christy Lee Rogers (USA)Jing Liang (USA)Andrei Liankevich (BLR), Trine Lise Nedreaas (NOR), Davor Ljubicic (DEU)Valentina Loffredo (ITA), Cen Long (CHN), Norma E. Lopez (COL), Markus Lüpertz (DEU), Laura Makabresku (POL)Walter Markham (USA)Marcello Martinez Vega (ECU)Kiran Master (GBR)Andrea Matheisen (DEU)Karina Matheus (VEN)Philippe Mazaud (USA/FRA)Patricia McKenna (IRL), Meadows, Montserrat Mesalles (CRI), Metaphora Personalem (CHN), Denis Mikhaylov (RUS)Rita Minissi (ITA)Taisuke Mohri (JPN)Tobi Möhring (DEU)Leonardo Moleiro (VEN)Anthony Moman (GBR)Eva Moosbrugger (AUT), Francois Morellet (FRA), Marina Moreno (GBR/ITA)Vicente Munoz (ECU), Raffy Napay, Monika Nguyen (AUT)Hermann Nitsch (AUT)Reka Nyari (USA)Yoko Ono (JPN)Julian Opie (GBR), Istvan Orosz (HUN), Sohn Paa (KOR)Bárbara Palomino (BRA/CHL)Harikleia Papapostolou (GRE), Hongjung Park (KOR), Daniel Pesta (CZE), Thomas Pihl (NOR/USA), Francisca Prieto (GRB/CHL)Michael Proepper (DEU), Jiefei Qi, Nicola Rae (GBR)Arnulf Rainer (AUT)Reko Rennie (AUS)Rene Rietmeyer (NLD)Andreas Rimpel (DEU)Peter Riss (DEU)Andrew Rogers (AUS)Sara Roitman (ISR/CHL)Antoine Rose (BEL)Peter Rosman (AUS)Alejandra Ruddoff (CHL), Thomas Ruff (DEU), Carla Rump (NLD)Andreas Sagmeister (AUT), Silvio Santini (ITA), Aspa Savvidis (BEL), Harry Schaffer (CHE), Brigitte Schaider (DEU)Vitor Schietti (BRA)Max Scholz (DEU)Johannes Schramm (DEU)Luke Schuetrumpf (USA/AUS)Eugen Schütz -KWAKU (DEU)Ulrich Schweiger (DEU)Jaqueline Seeber (CHE), Fiorenzo Senese (ITA), Susan Seubert (USA)Avner Sher (ISR)Li-Jen Shih (TWN)Laura Shill (USA)Simhyang (KOR), Jolanta Šmidtienė (LTU), Vanessa Smith (USA)Laurel Smith (USA), Constantinos Sofikitis (GRE), Nguyen Son (VNM)Brigitte Spiegeler (NLD)Suse Stoisser (AUT)Samuel Stubblefield (USA)Lorien Suarez-Kanerva (USA)Joel Swanson (USA)Robert Szittay (SVK)Karyn Taylor (NZL)Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (GEO), Angela Tiatia (AUS), Ly Tran Quynh Giang (VNM)Miroslav Trubač (SVK)Nguyen Trung (VMN)Wei-Cheng Tsai (TWN)Christiane Tureczek (AUT/CHE)George Tzikas (AUS)Günther Uecker (DEU), Tesfaye Urgessa (ETH), Guy van den Bulcke (BEL)Mieke van Grinsven (TZA)Apollonia Vanova (CAN)Kris Vervaeke (BEL)Joanna Vestey (GBR)Lidia Vitkovskaya (RUS)Cristian Voigt (DEU)Lars Waldemar (DNK), Ty Waltinger (AUT), Kim Wan (KOR)Beatrice Wanjiku (KEN)Doerte Wehmeyer (DEU)Lawrence Weiner (USA)Ariella Wertheimer (ISR)Bernhard Witsch (AUT)Arthur Woods (CHE/USA)Ivana Woscoboinik (ARG)Hans-Ruedi Wüthrich (CHE)Kim Yeongjea (KOR)Gayane Yerkanyan (ARM)Se Yoon Park (KOR), Xuhong Yu (CHN), Ghassan Zard (LBN)Yanzi Zhang (CHN).

at the 57th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia

Seychellois artists invariably make art about the Seychelles. They tend to decline to comment through their work on global issues, or in most cases ideological, theological or political matters which do not impact upon their home nation.The Group Sez – which comprises 16 of Seychelles's most important artists – has been given the opportunity to interpret in three-dimensional form one of the country's most iconic and splendid residents; the giant tortoise.
Each artist has created a unique statement, customising a 'blank' fibreglass creature (life size). Collectively the 16 sculptures show divergent aspects of Seychelles's culture, topography and history. They also show the range of artistic style and preoccupation present in Group Sez. In many cases, the final sculpture reflects and is informed by the past aesthetics of an artist, but in others (particularly those artists who, more used to creating two-dimensional work, have responded differently to solid form) favourite approaches have been abandoned in favour of something new and different.

at the 57th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia

The exhibition of the Kiribati Pavilion reflects on the vulnerable position of its art, which has preserved throughout history the unique and primal nature of culture and customs. The Kiribati Pavilion represents the joint efforts of 35 artists from different generations and branches of art, whose works are intertwined and whose passion for art guides them in their shared objective of presenting the unique and primal nature of their culture and customs, interlinked with contemporary art. The artistic project as a whole stirs strong self-refection in the viewers as it encourages them to reflect on human existence, human interventions into nature, and the resulting global warming.
On the other hand, the project aims to arouse in the viewers mostly positive emotions, to teach them to respect traditional art, and to make art a more common part of our everyday life. For the people of the Kiribati Republic the exclamation Viva Arte Viva!, an expression of the passion for art, definitely holds true. Even though Kiribati culture is vulnerable to the dangers of the Pacific Ocean, it will never be forgotten. In accordance with the tradition, it will be passed onto future generations. Their dance and songs are more than just culture or art, they are their way of living. With singing and dancing they honour life, which is fleeting, but they constantly transfer their knowledge to those who follow, and with it, their identity which is closely tied to their traditional art, since in the end, art is what remains forever. Ars Longa, Vita Brevis!