2013 ART

EXHIBITION TITLE  Personal Structures - Culture: Mind: Becoming
LOCATION Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora and Palazzo Marcello, Venice, Italy
ORGANISERS Francesca Crudo, Sarah Gold, Carol Roll and Valeria Romagnini
OPENING PERIOD 1 June - 24 November 2013

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As part of the Collateral Events of the 55th International Art Exhibition, PERSONAL STRUCTURES presents a large combination of established artists and artists whose practice is less well known. Coming from different parts of the world and expressing themselves in divers ways, what they have in common is a dedication to the concepts Time - Space and Existence. Curated by Francesca Crudo, Sarah Gold, Carol Rolla and Valeria Romagnini, PERSONAL STRUCTURES was held at Venice's prestigious Palazzo Bembo, which overlooks the Grand Canal and is located near the Rialto Bridge.

Chul Hyun Ahn (KOR), Yoshitaka Amano (JPN), Alice Anderson (GBR), Jan-Erik Andersson (FIN), Axel Anklam (DEU), Yifat Bezalel (ISR), Hans Bischoffshausen (AUT), Djawid Borower (DEU), Faiza Butt (PAK), Mimmo Catania (ITA), Genia Chef (RUS), Chen Ping (CHN), Canal Cheong Jagerroos (CHN), Karlyn De Jongh (NLD), Scott Eady (NZL), Toshikatsu Endo (JPN), Carole Feuerman (USA), Cristiana Fioretti (ITA), Dale Frank (AUS), Chris Fraser (USA), Marc Fromm (DEU), Sally Gabori (AUS), Jakob Gasteiger (AUT), Darryn George (NZL), Selby Ginn (AUS), David Goldenberg (GBR), Gotthard Graubner (DEU), Kimberley Gundle (ZAF), Laura Gurton (USA), Patrick Hamilton (CHL), Anne Herzbluth (DEU), Per Hess (NOR), Hirofumi Isoya (JPN), Sam Jinks (AUS), Grzegorz Klatka (POL), Rori Knudtson (NOR), Mehdi-Georges Lahlou (FRA), James Lavadour (USA), Helmut Lemke (DEU), Luce (LVA), Heinz Mack (DEU), Michele Manzini (ITA), Christopher Martin (USA), Christian Megert (CHE), Herre Methorst (NLD), David Middlebrook (USA), Atelier Morales (CUB), Peter Simon Mühlhäußer (DEU), Hermann Nitsch (AUT), Yoko Ono (JPN), Roman Opalka (FRA), Otto Piene (DEU), Uli Pohl (DEU), Triny Prada (FRA), Qin Chong (CHN), Stefanus Rademeyer (ZAF), Nicola Rae (GBR), Arnulf Rainer (AUT), Bogdan Rata (ROU), Thomas Riess (AUT), Rene Rietmeyer (NLD), Yhonnie Scarce (AUS), Wilhelm Scherübl (AUT), Dmitry Shorin (RUS), Nitin Shroff (IND), The Icelandic Love Corporation (ISL), Monika Thiele (DEU), Michele Tombolini (ITA), Stefan Toth (CZE), Suh Jeong Min (KOR), VALIE EXPORT (AUT), Elena & Vitaliy Vasiliev (UKR), Ben Vautier (FRA), Raphael Vella (MLT), André Wagner (DEU), Xing Xin (CHN), Plamen Yordanov (BGR), Zhang Yu (CHN).

The National Council of Culture, Arts, and Letters presents Kuwait's first Pavilion at the 55. International Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia. Under the general theme of "The Encyclopaedic Palace", proposed by Massimiliano Gioni director of this edition, the exhibition explores two major works by sculptor Sami Mohammad (b. 1943) along with a new photographic production by Tarek Al-Ghoussein (b. 1962). Curated by Ala Younis, National Works disassembles symbols of grandeur in paused/post glorious times, in an attempt to re-interpret Kuwait's modernization project.

Oriental experience in contemporary art
1 June until 24 November 2013 in Palazzo Michiel
CURATORS: Liang Kegang, Italo Furlan, Xu LiLi
EXHIBITORSDing Wei, Fan Bo, Gao Weigang, Guo Gong, Guo Yan, Guan Jingjing, He Duoling, Jia Zhengyao, Kang Jianfei, Li Gang, Li Hongbo, Li songhua, Li Yongzheng, Liang, Kegang, Liang Shaoji, Liu Chuanbao, Ma Liang, Ren Zhitian, Shao Fan, Shao Yinong, Shi Jinsong, Tan Xun, Shi Hengbo, Xiao Yu, Xiao XIao, Wang Huangsheng, Wei Qingji, Yang Ming, You Liangcheng, Yu Fan, Zhang Fan

THE GRACE OF A GESTURE, an artwork by Lawrence Weiner, forms the centrepiece of an exhibition organised by the Written Art Foundation and presented on the ground floor of the Palazzo Bembo near the Rialto bridge. A component of it is the installation of THE GRACE OF A GESTURE which will appear on five of Venice’s major sources of transportation, the vaporetti. It will transport the work through the Canal Grande, the Arsenale, the Giardini and beyond. The work will be shown in ten different languages ranging from Chinese to Japanese to Arabic to Hebrew. Included in the exhibition at Palazzo Bembo will be another four works by Weiner originally created for his exhibition Displacement at the New York Dia Center for the Arts in 1991.

Comparative Investigation about the Disposition of the Width of a Circle

The Berlin-based artist, Thomas Zipp, incorporates a range of different methods and media in his work. He is a painter and drawer, makes three-dimensional objects and sculptures, and works with photography and film. He also employs collage and assemblage techniques, although his main focus is on installation works. His exhibitions are based on spatially large presentations, in which single works such as paintings, drawings or photographs are incorporated. The artist usually gives his exhibitions a motto, which provides him with a theme-based focus for his ensembles.