2022 ART


Venice Biennial Art exhibition 2022: “PERSONAL STRUCTURES”
23 April 2022 until 27 November 2022

VENUES   Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora and Marinaressa Gardens
LOCATION   Venice, Italy
HEAD ORGANISATION   European Cultural Centre - Worldwide
ORGANISER   European Cultural Centre - Italy
MAIN ORGANISERS   Sara Danieli,  Lucia Pedrana
ORGANISERS   Bianca Bonaldi, Bérénice Freytag, Yuki Asami, Rachele de Stefano,
    Claudia Piovan, Valeria Romagnini, Katerina Zachou
    Micaela Skerl, Elena Volpato
OPENING PERIOD    23 April until 27 November 2022 - Open everyday from 10.00 to 18.00
Tuesdays closed - Free Entry
CONTACT   sara@ecc-italy.eu & lucia@ecc-italy.eu
PRESS   Press Release


"Personal Structures" presents a small part of the complex development of contemporary art. This exhibition as a total can be seen as an indication towards the further global development of contemporary art. This exhibition presents a creative language mainly based upon conceptualizing human expressions in art, rather than focussing on craftsmanship. The exhibited works at our Venice Biennial Art Exhibition, present the awareness of each artist, questioning and reflecting, where do I come from, where am I, and where to go. 
If you want to improve the environment, if you want to improve the quality of life, you will have to change the way that people think. If you want to change the way people think you will have to make people, including yourself, more aware about our own Existence.
In our 7 month-long exhibition "Personal Structures", we do not only present artists that we personally like, we also document artists with different opinions. An honest sincere dialogue, stimulated by differences, will have to lead to a well thought of heightened awareness. This awareness about our own Existence should make us care more about everything. It is only after we care that we seem to be willing to change. 

The sixth edition of the biennial contemporary art exhibition Personal Structures presents a selection of nearly 200 participants coming from all corners of the world and express their views on the main theme of this year’s exhibition: the concept of reflections.
As envisioned by the ECC curatorial team, the act of reflecting carries the potential to foresee possibilities and the responsibility of imagining a better future. In a present that demands more responsible and conscious actions, both individually and collectively, it is essential to be able to imagine a sustainable future. It is important to reflect by expressing the ideas, feelings, and experiences one has towards the outside world and in response to a community of individuals, reflecting on others’ reflections, ultimately creating a virtuous circle. The exhibitions at the European Cultural Centre aim to respond to the changing contexts and, as such, Personal Structures emerges in line with current conversations. The disruption of individuality and community experienced today and in these last two years has led to a revalorization of the self, art, the environment and our surroundings. Through different means and languages, artists express their thoughts and emotions on these aspects, presenting artworks touching upon spirituality and intimacy, feminism and equality, the environment and sustainability, the common and private spaces, and many more.

With a strong presence of female participants and an overall contribution of 51 countries, the ECC presents an edition unlike any other which this year revolves around the idea of reflections. After a careful study of the projects submitted, the ECC selected the concept of reflections as the guiding principle of the exhibition. The theme is presented with a double reading and value: physically, as a phenomenon of the visible; and mentally, as a thought resulting from a meditative action.


Palazzo Mora:
300Forward (US); Albena Mihaylova-Bendji (BG); Albert Scopin (DE/US); Andrea Vinkovic (AU); Angelika Lill-Pirrung (DE); Ania Trojanowska Hobson (UK); Araki Nobuyoshi (JP); Ariela Wertheimer (IL); Arnulf Rainer (AU); Barbara Downs (IS/US); Beatriz Gerenstein (US); Bethany Springer (US); Bruno Surdo (US); Calvin Teng (TW); Carlos Blanco Artero (ES); University of Applied Arts Vienna (AT); Ceviga (UK/KR); Chandraguptha Thenuwara (LK); ([{ collective (IT); Concept2048 (AD); Corine van Voorbergen (NL); Daisuke Ozaki (JP); Daniela Ardiri & Hannah Faith Beilharz (CH) Daniel Ibbotson (UK); Daniel Pešta (CZ); Diana Stelin (US); Dominique Paulin (FR); Douglas Tausik Ryder (US); Eddy De Bona aka Eddy Fides (IT); Elisa Insua (AR); Eric Hans Aimé Hubbes (DE); Etty Yaniv (US); Gabriel Schmitz (ESP); Guy Van den Bulcke (BE); Helen Twigge-Molecey (UK); Hrachya Vardanyan (AM); Hugo Thomassen (NL); I Must Be Living Twice (NL); Jacques Jarrige (FR); Jessica Burstein (US); Jim Nickel (US); Joanne Luijmes (NL); Johnny López (CO); Joseph Kosuth (US); Judith Unger (US); Katherine Jackson (US); Kristaps Zariņš (LV); Kristin Moore (US); Kwak Hye-Young (KR); Kylin O’Brien (US); Lesley Richmond (CA); Lincoln Townley (UK); Lookha (KR); Lori Weitzner (US); Marc Abele (DE); Marcello Martinez-Vega (DE/EC); Maria Povloska (US/MK); Marie Bergstedt (US); Mark Dotzler (US); Martin Parr (UK); Masoud Akhavanjam (IR); Meadows (IT/LB); Mercedes & Franziska Welte (AT); Michael Pröpper & Rolf Berte (DE); Michel Kirch (FR); Mizuho Nishioka (NZ); Monika Radhoff-Troll (DE); Mukesh Shah (AE); Museum van de Geest (NL); Nahanni McKay (CA);Nemanja Nikolic (UK); Oh Myung Hee (KR); Olamboray (BE); Paul Onditi (KE); Peter Bracke (BE); Peter Gospodinov (CH); Peter van Ardenne (NL); Petro Smetana (UA); Qi Yang (DE); Rah Eleh (CA); Raven Halfmoon; Rene Rietmeyer (NL); Rimm Chae (KR); Rini Tandon (AT); Risa Wada (MY); Rocko Iremashvili (GA); Ronit Keret (IL); Sandra Cattaneo Adorno (US); Sarah Gold (NL); Sarah Izod (UK); Sasha Sparks (FR); Saskia Pintelon (LK); Sebastian Di Mauro (AU); Sharing Perama (GR); Shingo Francis (US/JP); Sonal Ambani (IN); Superchief Gallery NFT (US); The team of DiGe project (ERC No 714874) Tina Zimmermann (DE); Tineke Smith (NL); Wantian Cui (CN); Woo Jin Kim (KR); Yoshiaki Suito (JP); Yuping Hsu (TW); Zakaria Rugs (NL)

Palazzo Bembo:
Agne Christensen (US); Alexandra Kapogianni-Beth (DE/GR); Alissa Everett (KE); Americans: Current Imaginaries (US); Ana Huberman Lazovsky (IL); Andreas Luethi (CH); Anka Landtau (DE); Araki Nobuyoshi (JP); Arika von Edler & Rachel Alexandrou (US); Bonita Ely with Melissa Williams-Brown (AU); Caroline Hachem-Vermette (CA); Carrie Able (US); University of New Mexico & Davidson College (US) Chen Peiper (IL); Daniel Pešta (CZ); David Guez (IL); Deanna Sirlin (US); Dedy Sufriadi (ID); Destinee Ross-Sutton Gallery (US); Donald Martiny (US); Eclectic Gallery (UK); Elizabeth Heyert (US); Ewa Bathelier (FR); Fintan Whelan (IE); Flore aka Christopher Florentino (US); Gabriela Drees-Holz (DE) Galerie Myrtis (US);Georgii Uvs & Ellen Nash (UK); Geraldine Ondrizek and Reed College (US); Gill Gatfield (NZ); Giselle Weegels (NL); Hans-Ruedi Wüthrich (CH); Helen Kirwan (CY); Hisako Sakurai (JP); Hunt Slonem (US); Hyun-Kyung Kim (KR/DE); Ian Hagarty & Danny Kaufmann (US); Jane Frances Dunlop (CA); Karen Sewell (NZ); Katja Tukiainen & Maria Wolfram (FI); Laura Santini (CA); Laurette Succar (FR); Lawrence Weiner (US); Lubomír Typlt (CZ); Mahiriki Tangaroa (CK); Marianna Williams (US); Masoud Akhavanjam; Megan Mosholder (US); Michael Rich (US); Mihai Țopescu (RO); Monika Kus-Picco (AT/BR); Murielle Argoud (CH); Natasha Zupan (ES)

Marinaressa Gardens:
Andrée Valley (US); Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio (NO); University of New Mexico & Davidson College (USA) Franziska & Mercedes Welte (AT); Helga Palasser (AT); Karen McCoy (US); Kaz Shirane (JP); Madworkshop (US); Martin George (AU); Masoud Akhavanjam (IR); Meryl Taradash (US); Naja Utzon Popov (DK); nomad. + Global R&D Cemex (ES/US); Richard Orlinski (FR); Rodrigo de la Sierra (MX); Romolo Del Deo (IT/US); Vivianne Duchini (AR)

Special projects:
From Palestine With Art (US/PS)
Seychelles (SC)
Fiebre Photobook Fest (ES)
Klaus Littmann (CH)
European Cultural Academy (IT/NL)