The call for entries for MOVE CINE ARCH Film Festival is now open.

MOVE is a Biennal Festival, dedicated a year to art (see 2017 edition) and a year to architecture. MOVE is also a travelling festival with its main stages in Venice, Sao Paulo and Paris. 

In 2018, MOVE CINE ARCH Festival welcomes films and video art productions focused on architecture, landscape, representation of space, urbanism, planning, cities and environment, Final deadline is 31st March 2018. 

The international Jury is composed by Federica Andreoni, Jessica Auer, Reinaldo Cardenuto, Francesco Perrotta-Boscht and Martin Benavidez. Art directors are Andre Fratti Costa and Steve Bisson (Faculty member at PCA). The representative artist is the Brazilian Felipe Russo

4 awards will be assigned to:

  • Award BEST FILM (Winner of 2018 Festival edition): the film gets the highest approval of the jury.
  • Award BEST FORM: the film shows new opportunities for architectural representation. 
  • Award BEST ISSUE: the film addresses key issues of the debate on architecture.
  • Award BEST STUDENT: the award goes only to films submitted  by students and schools.