Sculpture Network Start`17

At the International Celebration for Contemporary Sculpture you are an integral part of a larger community: Sculpture enthusiasts from around the globe will be celebrating with us at the same time in more than 60 locations – in studios, galleries, museums, sculpture parks, foundries and art academies. Let our program inspire you, discuss art with others and meet new people who have similar interests. Follow your passion for sculpture and network virtually with all the other participants throughout the entire event.


The European Cultural Centre will host a small New Year reception on Sunday 29 January from 12:00 to 14:00. There will be prosecco and finger food free of charge. The president of the ECC, Rene Rietmeyer, will hold a very small talk. This get together of ECC and GlobalArtAffairs Foundation team members with several artists celebrates the start of a stronger presence of sculptures during the Venice Biennale.