Remember the Future

 As part of the exhibition "Personal Structures" organized by the GAA Foundation and the European Cultural Centre that will take place in Venice during La Biennale di Venezia in 2017 independent curator Rikke L. Jørgensen will present the talk- and performance program Remembering the Future .

The program will run during the opening week of the biennale from 10-19 May 2017. The talks will be staged as a number of art salons and will take place in Palazzo Rossini in the city centre of Venice. The art salons will create a framework for the intimate meeting between audience, artist and curator and the performance program will get art into the magnificent urban spaces of Venice.

Remembering the Future  will through dialogues and presence explore individual and collective memory in relation to common human issues such as migration, history and identity. It will address some of today's most important questions: how was/is art history made, who is telling the story and how do we use art to process collective memories and traumas. It will address the postcolonial question, as with the 100th anniversary of the sale of the former Danish West Indies to the United States is on the political and cultural agenda in Denmark and in the Virgin Islands. Some of the talks will explore how opening up forgotten or hidden chapters of the past history can affect our future. What role does art and the art institution play in the making of history? How do we include new voices in the arts and in the society? What role does art play? GAA Foundation and The European Cultural Centre who administrate 4 exhibition venues in central Venice (Palazzo Mora, Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Rossini, Palazzo Michiel) will be in charge of the official program. The program and documentation of the project will be made available via the website

The project is a follow up to the conference Arts & Globalization Conference, which took place in Copenhagen in 2015 and will bridge to the next Arts and Globalization Conference that will take place in 2018. The Arts & Globalization Platform aims to promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue through contemporary art and critical thinking. It explores and enhance international collaboration, co-creation and cultural innovation and seeks to create an international platform and meeting place that can generate new artistic and curatorial ideas and new international networks and friendships.

Rikke L. Jørgensen is a Danish curator with extensive international experience. In 2015 she took the initiative to do the first Arts & Globalization Conference which was supported by the Danish Arts Foundation. It was succesfully held in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, Denmark. The talk and performance program in Venice will be co-curated in a collaboration with Prof. Paul Goodwin, TrAIN, University of the Arts, London, UK. UAL will also be hosting The Diaspora Pavilion in Venice 2017. The background for the project and for the Arts & Globalization Platform is to be found in the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.