Food Design Week


Food Design Week is an exhibition week running from 1-7 February 2018 during the Venetian Carnival.

The exhibition, themed VANITAS, was inspired by the wealth, luxury and abundance of the Dutch Golden Age still-life paintings. What results is a pop-up exhibition that explores abundance, vanity and the self-destructive nature of the contemporary food industry.

Innovative creators and dining/food designers are invited to explore these topics through their performances, installations, films and objects. Food Design Week is a project that provides a platform for all designers and creators related to food and dining. Chewed over, mulled, partially digested, partly regurgitated, somewhere between impeccable taste and shocking tastelessness; Food Design Week is a creative, experimental, innovative research space.

Featuring: Creative Chef, Sarah-Linda Forrer, Felt+Fat, Van Santen & Bolleurs, Joseph Marr, Felix Pottinger, Caro de Waal, Ernesto D. Morales, Kaye Winwood, Alessandro Ciffo, Jochen Holz, Enrica Pastore, Naomi Jansen, Lina Saleh, Nils Hint, Mella Jaarsma, David Bradley, FAVOREAT, Philipp Kolmann & Christoph Dichmann.



On the 2nd and 3rd of February, after exhibition hours, Food Design Week is hosting their exclusive Food Design Dinner Nights. Step outside the traditional Carnival celebrations and return to your senses in this exploratory food art and performance dinner night. Set inside Palazzo Michiel, one of Venice’s best-known classical palaces on the Grand Canal, you dine with a select group surrounded by exclusive art and design.

During the dinner night, we disconnect sight as the primary source of information, giving the diner a chance to reconnect, question, and heighten their perceptions. In a current age of excess, immoderation and sensorial saturation, Food Design Week invites diners to return to their senses - their own simple, natural, and even animal instincts - with an even deeper hope to awaken one of our most unused senses: the intuition.

What are you really feeling?

The Food Design Dinner Nights are created by Food Stylist & Culinary Creative Director Anna Keville Joyce in collaboration with internationally renowned Chef Gabriel Serrero. Tickets can be booked by contacting or via Venice Events.


Hosted by the European Cultural Centre in Palazzo Michiel.

1 - 7 February 2018, open daily 10:00-18:00

Strada Nuova - 4391 Campo Santi Apostoli, 30124 Venezia, Italy

(250m from Rialto Bridge, on Canal Grande)


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